Couple Questions

Live forum:


25-11-2007 06:25:10

I had a couple of questions. Most of them I already gathered what I thought were answers from reading around, but just to be 100% sure I figured I'd ask here as well. First one being, are you required to use the same email address you signed up at TraInn with, for your offers as well as your PayPal address if you've chosen a PayPal payout prize? My PP address is what I used to sign up and I wanted to use another specific address to keep up with everything I sign up for. If I have to use the same email address to avoid any possible conflict, I will. Secondly, I've seen a couple screenshots on the forum of people who've received PayPal payments and I haven't noticed any fees being taken out. Does PayPal not take out any fees? Thanks in advance.

(EDIT Already found the answer to my first question so now I just wanna know about the PP fees.)