youripodtouch4free 350$ cash reward question??

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14-11-2007 18:18:28

is it Paypal , or Check??
and i live in canada can i still take that reward


15-11-2007 11:58:49



15-11-2007 12:25:17

It can be either/or.
If you want paypal, put your paypal email in the notes.
If you would like a check, just write in the notes that you would like a check, however if you don't put anything at all, I believe the default is a check anyway.


15-11-2007 12:49:05

I know the default for me has always been PayPal. Is it different for Canadians?


15-11-2007 13:47:32

I always put whatever I wanted in the notes section.
I would say that is the safest thing to do.


15-11-2007 13:53:29

I'm not sure that Canadians can get checks.


19-11-2007 14:11:43

I would imagine you can get either one but I'm not sure. I would take the paypal anyway though if I lived in Canade because who knows how long you'll be waiting for that check.