How many point for the ipod on yourfreeistuff?

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14-11-2007 13:27:56

can someone tell me how many points i need to get for the ipod , the big one on yourfreeistuff? i need to get a ipod for someone for xmas and i know this company ships fast. thanks


14-11-2007 16:22:52

The requirements are as follows;

$300 Cash - 700 points
$300 Apple Card - 700 points
40gb Apple TV - 700 points
8gb iPhone - 900 points
16gb iPod Touch - 900 points
8gb iPod Nano - 475 points
160gb iPod Classic - 900 points
20in. Cinema - 1300 points

For future reference, you can view the requirments for all items on a site by clicking the "How this works" link on the front page of our sites.