How long will it take to ship ipod touch? Ne1 Gonna Answer?

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02-11-2007 20:39:54

Hey guys I just got my first site completed and submitted for approval..i did the reffs system. I was wonderin how long it will take to ship once its approved...thanks, Justin.


05-11-2007 18:16:53

man is anyone gonna answer my question?


05-11-2007 20:30:41

man, impatient much? this board has been super slow over the last week.

anyway, to answer your question. the touches appear to be shipping pretty quickly. mine was in "received" for less than four days, a lot of that over the weekend before shipping today.


05-11-2007 20:39:01

Hopefully they'll come fast for me too )

I live within a mile from an Apple store, does that influence my chances much?


05-11-2007 21:07:32

nooo hah im not impatient it was that nobody was answering my thread...well thats awesome just wanted to know whats an estimation for refferal end for the ipod touch. Thanks, Justin.


06-11-2007 10:21:00

people will answer when they have relevant information to your question. no answer, means no one has that info.

i don't understand your question in your last reply though, "just wanted to know whats an estimation for refferal end for the iPod touch"?


06-11-2007 15:35:44

i mean i wanted to know an estimated time frame for the ipod touch site when i am collecting referrals.


06-11-2007 19:16:19

That still makes no sense.


06-11-2007 21:13:09

...ahh nvm...i just confirmed my address they said estimated delivery is the 20th, I hope it is sooner then that.....

The above message, I completed using referrals, I was asking how long it took to ship once confirmed because I know that the points site is a little faster, they dont have to go through a bunch of reffs to get verified.


06-11-2007 23:08:35

Once you are approved, the wait time is the same.


06-11-2007 23:52:06

oh ok