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31-10-2007 21:30:39

So, I have been looking to get a Nintendo Wii.

I have friends who want to try out some offers (and get Wii's as well LOL) but we would like to know the status on Wii's.

Alan, how are the Wii's coming along? How long is the wait estimated?

Thank you so much and take care.


01-11-2007 10:29:54

I'm curious about this, too, as I'm nearing completion on the Wii site. Last I'd heard (less than 2 wks ago), they were fulfilling orders placed before mid-September--about a 6-week wait. I don't have time to call or drive all over the place trying to find a Wii, or to camp out in a line (ugh), so will probably let Trainn work its magic, even if it means the Wii doesn't make it to my house before Christmas.

Free is still free in February, after all D


01-11-2007 21:19:58

We have fulfilled all Wii system orders through September 23rd and are receiving regular shipments, but, due to the back-order, it is still taking 4-5 weeks to receive sufficient supply to fulfill newly placed orders.



05-11-2007 08:12:45

That's not bad at all! Yeah for TraInn!