GH3 shipping?

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29-10-2007 14:54:29

I have been approved for GH3 on 360games any idea when this will ship? Thanks


29-10-2007 19:03:58

it would probably be better to just send in a support ticket since the odds that Alan is going to come in here and look at your account specific question are pretty low.


01-11-2007 21:23:13

Nah, I'll gladly answer here as we have just under 400 GHIII orders so this will apply to a lot of accounts.

A number of them have already shipped and more are in the shipping process (signified by the "Shipping Soon" status). Those that are not yet in the shipping process, will enter it within the next couple of days.



13-11-2007 15:51:50

Got mine last Thursday! Thanks Tranin!


27-11-2007 16:06:55

WOW, sorry I just had to comment when I saw there were 400 orders for GHIII ! Crazy stuff....

Grats on your game though )