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06-10-2007 04:46:12

Hello my name is Michael Richey.

[b19728dd139]NO REF LINKS! READ THE RULES OR BE BANNED![/color19728dd139][/b19728dd139]

I am having a hard time getting credit from all my referals. they have signed up under, or bluck buster. Feels like I get the run around when putting in a supprt ticket.

Also I have signed up for blockbuster and got my credit, but I singed up for and got my credit, but it was not added to my progress.

I also need 2 more people if anyone like to signe up.


06-10-2007 06:10:59

Signed up and green. +K appreciated.


did you even read the rules?


06-10-2007 09:50:21

[quote7080d2ac85="zr2152"]did you even read the rules?[/quote7080d2ac85]
Apparently not, since not posting reflinks is our #1 rule.

I'm editing this one out and closing this thread. Cutting you a break, but post again without reading and obeying the rules, and you'll be banned.