Negative Account balance!!!

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02-10-2007 04:21:22

Hey guys,

Last night I had 832 pts on the ps34free site and I ordered the 800 pt $375 cash reward, and my account balance was 32 pts. I checked back this morning and it says that my account balance is now -18!!

What happened?


02-10-2007 04:42:46

I just contacted, you gotta love em for their FAST responses....I emailed them and within 5 mins my account balance was adjusted back to 32 points.

(I'm a freebie newbie and was just freaking out!)

They said it was an error on their part and returned my points back to me.

TRAINN is awesome!!


02-10-2007 07:36:59

Glad you got it worked out. Trainn is one of the best! )