are there canadian offers out ther

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30-09-2007 11:08:13

my friends from canada but he cant do any offers cuz hes from canada. Can u guys fill me in on any canadian offers. Thanks, Justin.


30-09-2007 20:36:12

The only offers I know of are and I heard pacific works offers or something like that are canadian as well. Pacific works is the company name so just look at the TOS for the company.


02-10-2007 07:41:32

Yeah, I think Pacific WebWorks is the company behind the eBay and Google online offers.


04-10-2007 13:40:33, CellaDerm offers, ebay offers, ink offers, and a few others go


03-11-2007 18:35:11

I know it says in the FAQ that is looks suspicious if all referrals sign up with the same offer, but if you and all your friends/family/co-workers are Canadian, there is obviously a small number of options available. Do they take that into consideration if all or most of Canadian referrals use