Nintendo Wii 4 free--how long to get 550 points?

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26-09-2007 10:58:45

Newbie here (to this forum; I've done some online freebies). My son would like a Wii, and I see that Trainn's Wii site requires 550 points or 5 referrals for the basic console. How tough is it to get 550 points? Thanks!


26-09-2007 23:02:24

I did the wii thing on trainn but used referrals. I haven't tried to do the points thing yet. with referrals it took me a few months because i am not hardcore like some of these other guys. but i will say that Trainn has been the best at giving credits and shipping.


27-09-2007 06:55:44

Thanks. I've heard Trainn is excellent, just wasn't sure how many offers 550 points represents, or if it would be hard to do because I've done Blockbuster, etc., on other sites. Still trying to get my head around how referrals work, but that may be the way to go.


28-09-2007 00:22:37

You asked the question that I always wondered. How many offers would it take. I know its possible but you have to weigh out the good and bad. If you use the points system you have to make sure you complete the offers and not kill your budget because some offers are expensive. If you use referrals its hard to get people unless you pay them and then its a matter of finding them. So it all depends on you. Read posts and get a feel of whats out there. PM me if you have any other questions.