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25-09-2007 09:28:32


So I have a boatload of referrals for my PS3 but NONE of them have signed up. I have approximately 8 referrals in the last 3 days and the boxes beside their email addresses are all just blank.

Now here's my question! Say they sign up using right? Will that box stay blank during their trial period or will it turn yellow? Like is there a chance I could check my referrals one day and they've just suddenly turned green or should they usually turn yellow first?


25-09-2007 10:35:03

I dont believe it turns yellow. Just the green check when they complete the offer. They may also turn red afterward.


25-09-2007 10:43:09

The won't show yellow...... yellow is just a term for "signed up" - you will see the GREEN check mark in that box when they have c[b699fdd31c3]ompleted and been credited [/b699fdd31c3]for their offer requirements