my account is referral's isn't...HELP!

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17-09-2007 10:17:11

I recently submitted my account for review since I had enough referrals for the 360elite4free. Thing is, I didn't realize that the IP addresses needed to be different, so my fiance who is without internet at the moment used my network to sign up. Likewise at work, 3 of my coworkers signed up through the network there. After those 4 accounts were denied last night, I need to know if there is a way to prove they are all 4 different people living at different addresses with different credit card numbers. Please contact me and I will give you contact information so we may talk. I just want to get this resolved soon! Thank you.


17-09-2007 10:18:56

Support Ticket...


17-09-2007 11:35:04

I did and they said they made a note on my account. Does this mean that they are looking into it or is it on the backburner? Anyone know about how long it may take for them to verify it all?


01-10-2007 08:32:12

it means you should have read the TOS before doing the site...... sorry.

I did this once too