iPod Touch orders

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15-09-2007 18:09:40

Have you heard any news as to how much Apple is planning to release on these iPods? Just wondering if you think you are going to be able to fulfill orders early on or if these are going to be going into backorder sort of like when the color screen iPods first came out. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks


15-09-2007 19:47:49

how did the iPods happen? My expected shippimg date is 9/27 which is 1 day before the touch come out, duno how that's gonna happen.

OH YEAH ALLAN, if you are reading this, lisorry about the capsli. Can you add the ipod touch to the flashipods4free site? Afterall, the ipod touch IS a flash ipod. Thanks. =]


15-09-2007 19:55:48

I did find the answer oh A4F forums. they should shipping on release date if approved before then. noone knows for sure how apple is going to appraoch the market.


12-10-2007 18:15:55

Anyone else at the 2 week mark yet and still no account update? Apple is saying they are filling orders as they come in with in the 7-10 day period but my account is still "pre-ordered, awaiting shipment". I have a support ticket in but no response yet. Anyone else gotten any news?


13-10-2007 20:55:59

We've got orders with Apple dating back to the 27th that are only now starting to ship so it's taking Apple the full 10 business days to ship them.

All orders for the 16gb version either have now been shipped or are in the shipping process and are being prepared to ship.

All orders for the 8gb version should be shipped by the middle of this coming week.