How long for Trainn to respond to MCRs and Support Tickets?

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12-09-2007 08:45:20


I completed the Video Professor offer on and it never credited. Yesterday marked the 7th day and I submitted an MCR for it, providing the Full Headers from the confirmation e-mail and everything as well as submitted a support ticket asking a question about my account and notifying them of my MCR.

I did this around 900 am yesterday. It's now almost 1100 am and I have not heard anything from Trainn.

How long does it usually take for Trainn to even confirm they received the MCR and respond to a routine Support Ticket question?

Maybe I'm being impatient, but just wanted to see what the typical wait time was for these two things.



12-09-2007 11:35:00

My experience has been they usually have responded within 2 days, unless I send something on the weekend. I would imagine you should have a response today or tomorrow!


01-10-2007 07:25:51

I'm on my twelfth day of waiting for manual credit approval. I don't believe I've ever waited this long in the past.

[beb54d89815]UPDATE[/beb54d89815] I received MCR today, which makes it 15 days (11 business days). That's longer than I've had to wait in the past but still not really a long wait.


29-10-2007 17:48:20

What website are you trying to complete? I just submitted 1 for and am waiting. I am a measly 70 points away from my 1800. I've even tried doing other offers that have "instant" credit and I am getting nothing!

sandra habina

29-10-2007 17:55:24

Trainn states you must wait until after the 7th day to submit MCR's and then it can take 2 days for support ticket response, 10 business days for MCR's unless it is extremely busy. 2-4 business days to review your account and then you can place your order. Trainn pays out on Wed and Sat.