iPod Touch as a reward on flashipods4free.com

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08-09-2007 17:07:05

I really think and hope that the iPod Touch should be a reward on flashipods4free.com. Afterall iPod Touch IS a flash iPod. I would be so happy and love Trainn.org so much if iPod Touch can be on flashipods4free. It doesn't have to be 5 referrals, I would be VERY happy if it is 6 or 7 referrals. I hope this is possible. Thanks all.


13-09-2007 20:34:23

how come Trainn doesn't answer my post? =[


13-09-2007 23:18:48

The iPod touch is already available on 2 of their sites (or more?)

Why don't you ask via support ticket? That is the best way to get a response.