How long did it take to get YOUR Wii?

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31-08-2007 01:02:07

How long has it taken for those of you who ordered a Wii console? Especially in Canada? I was able to order one, but it seems that it's probably going to be awhile before they can get one shipped to me considering all places online within Canada are out of stock... And they literally sellout within hours of restocking.


31-08-2007 06:45:08

It was going to take a reallllllly long time for me (in Canada) so they offered me $450, which I took. Then I walked straight into a Future Shop and they had them in stock!


31-08-2007 06:51:05

yep, some stores have them so just take the cash and buy one yourself )


31-08-2007 17:45:08

We're fairly current on the Wii in Canada as we've fulfilled the orders through August 5th.

Since we're forced to rely on Canadian fulfillment sources it's a bit harder to provide specific timeframes as it depends on how quickly they get additional supply, but over the last couple of months the Canadian shipments have went out every two to three weeks (the most recent being last week) so it shouldn't be longer before the rest of the Canadian Wii orders are fulfilled.



02-09-2007 16:44:01

When you say Canadian shipments, does this refer to the restocking of Wiis at online sources, or shipping out to people who have claimed them from Trainn? Also, if I was more interested in the cash equivalent option, how much would I be able to get?

That is assuming if I had that option... I'm not sure if you guys have gotten a hold of a Wii for me yet. The estimated shipping date for my order was marked as August 22, 2007.


06-09-2007 13:49:29

Hey Allan,

My Wii suppose to shipped on 08/30 but I don't receive any yet. I submitted report ticket a few days ago but u haven't responded yet. So i figure I would ask u here on my status.