Anyone done increase my margin offer?

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30-08-2007 23:20:14

I was considering doing it but was wondering if anyone could tell me if theyd done it before and theyre experience with it(initial credit charge, problems cancelling, etc...) There really should be a section on this site where people can post their experience with offers theyve completed.



31-08-2007 08:06:06

No, there shouldn't. Discussing such specifics of offers is frowned upon, and discussion of cancellation is strictly forbidden. It's fine to comment on an offer being a great offer, or being a total scam. But rating offers or suggesting/discouraging certain offers could constitute a walkthrough and be grounds for hold at most freebie sites.

You look around for reports of any offers being total scams (which is quite rare, but it does happen). Beyond that, you sign up for the offers you are interested in, other factors should not come into play -- or at least not published here at FiPG.


01-09-2007 10:49:13

didnt think of it like that...i just know i used to use this site which rated offers back when i did this stuff a while back, but it wasnt a community and therefore was impersonal so i can understand what your saying....