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30-08-2007 09:28:25

I had sent off for the $250 on,a few days ago and was suppose to be shipped or sent yesterday-wednesday-but on the status part it says ATTN REQUIRED,PLEASE CONTACT?, what is that ? and i did a support ticket yesterday but havn't heard anything.
Can you please tell me what is wrong so i can correct it or make it right if it was something on my part,when i sent in for it it went thru and everything was good.
Thank you


30-08-2007 15:02:40

Youre in trouble. You probably frauded an offer, they reported back to trainn, and now want to push a lawsuit against you. If I were you I would just move from my home and run away. Trainn is pretty big and powerful.

ok, ok. That was a joke!!!!!

You probably forgot to enter your paypal address in the notes section when you ordered or youre not verified. wink


30-08-2007 15:25:33

i thought i did al that,i sent in another 1 after this one and got that alright,hopefully i can get it sorted out by tommorrow night.thanks