PLEASE, need help from support/or/owner!

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29-08-2007 08:33:35

hi, i have been working on flashipods4free, i recently opened 2 support tickets that have not had a response yet -(may be due to investigating the situation at hand). i am having a problem with viewing one of my ref's green on your site! on my end it shows only registration, no offer compl.
however, on his end, shows him green and he received a conf. email from the site showing credit for his offer. Please help me resolve this matter, as i have never experienced any prob.'s like this b4. why would our views be different? i need to resolve this issue immediately so he can get what he's owed, and i can get my green for his signup/completion of offer!


29-08-2007 12:43:30



29-08-2007 13:43:05

The only way it wouldn't be showing on your side is if they didn't complete their offer completion requirements. They may have an offer showing, but that offer would be a Level B (partial credit) offer if they are not displaying credit on your account.

To provide credit to a referrer on, a referral must complete 1 Level A advertiser offer OR 125 points worth of Level B advertiser offers.



30-08-2007 06:06:45

thank you mmm!-

& thank you trainn-alan!!!!

seems like that may have been it, said they did another offer and i went & checked my account today and all was good! D

Thanks again for all your help guys!