Credit queston?

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20-08-2007 06:11:33

Just wondering , when a offer says

"Credit is typically awarded same day" is that mean 1 business day?

Just curious, i did the offer last night and i don't see a credit.

Also a couple of days ago (the 16th) i had started to do the free trial process signup but had to cancel.. Hence me signing up yesterday... I did notice in my click history pending for the 16th and 19th... Will that be a problem?


20-08-2007 07:43:28

How far did you get through the signup process the first time? Did you clear your cookies before signup up on the 19th?


20-08-2007 08:32:17

well i think i got to the 3rd step where you enter the cc info,,, and cancelled it,,, the account never got created or anything.

And the second time (19th) i completed it from my g/f house so cookies should not be a problem since it's a different computer. As i enter all my cc info this time and the account actually was created.


21-08-2007 09:41:20

anybody know? maybe Trainn-Alan or Support


21-08-2007 11:06:28

Usually it means 1 business day, you are correct, but often times they take longer than they say...I have waited a few hours or even days for an "instant" credit to come in. Also, no matter where you are completing offers at, you need to clear your cookies before completing one. If you did not do this than your credit has a good chance that it won't even go through.


21-08-2007 11:20:39

cool. thanks... when i did it the first time and cancelled , I did it from home... when i actually completed everythingwas from my g/f house so i should be fine.


21-08-2007 13:54:44

Yeah i'm starting to thinkthey did not like my transaction, because a friend of mine did the same referral and has already received a credit... and i emailed trainn and have heard nothing back.

i think i'm gonna get my refs to hold off till i see my credit, i dont want to have people sign up and then i lose out.