I get lots of reds on TRAINN sites.

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18-08-2007 11:47:03

Can I contact support and have the refs checked out individually before I pay them. I have had so many reds lately paying on green. I included a note about doing this on my trade thread and interest has gone down since.

Please let me know if they can be checked out before I attempt to cash out.


18-08-2007 13:51:01

I have had refs checked out on Trainn's sites before..... most sites will do this but try to only do it when you believe someone may have violated the terms/conditions.


19-08-2007 09:39:18

Yes, I will only need to check out a few of the refs I get. I am beginning to notice a pattern of behavior and would like to check them out before I pay them, tired of giving away my money!!

Thanks for the info.