WHY arent custom orders allowed? like paypal cutom orders?

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15-08-2007 16:22:13

It would be awesome if we could do custom orders like for paypal for trainn sites. I asked if I could do one and they said that they don't allow it. Why not?!


15-08-2007 17:07:27

You can get paypal, they got the option to get that, but just not custom prizes.


16-08-2007 11:24:28

well i meant like custom paypal orderes


17-08-2007 07:27:21

b/c they don't have the time to deal w/ you wanting to do 3 refs (not to mention it would cut into profits).

A lot of us here trade for refs, so might do an offer on desktopcomputer4free or another high ref site, and never pursue it. They don't want to let you get a payout for just a couple of refs then.


24-08-2007 17:06:35

well i mean like getting like 30 ref's and getting custom paypal for that. That would be sweet.