360elite4free.com TraINN ALANN HELP!

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07-08-2007 10:57:01

Hi, Trainn I have recently signed up for the 360elite4free.com via a referral. Now my account is closed and I know all the information i put up was legit. I completed the GE offer and still have it. I can send you the information but your inbox is full. Please let me know why it is closed, i also submitted a support ticket via the link it was on my account. Please help me! i gave a red to someone i didnt want to.


07-08-2007 15:59:48

Many things can be a factor as to why your account is closed. The best thing to do is to wait for the support ticket to be answered. It could be that youre using a proxy, aol, dialup, have multiple account on the same site, etc...