How long should approval take?

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03-08-2007 12:03:59

This is my first time doing a TRAINN site, I submitted for approval on 7/31 and I believe it has been 4 days. The thing says 2-4 days so I was wondering how much longer it would take? This is yournintendowii4free by the way


03-08-2007 12:14:41

Im pretty sure its business days. If youre lucky you'll be approved by the end of the day, but defintely by monday night.


04-08-2007 22:44:47

Yea me too, i submit the same day as you. I didnt know they didnt approve on weekends, now i feel bad for asking them in an email.


05-08-2007 18:23:15

Mine was about 5 days