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31-07-2007 07:20:51

Did anybody do this offer before- Quickbooks Quick Start.. I just want to know if it is legit.. Also What is the offer about? Thinking of doing it..

Thanks Guys.


01-08-2007 14:24:03

Haha speak of the devil, I just did that one, put in my card info and all, ends up saying my info is incorrect. Check my card a few minutes later...my card got charged, and I got no confirmation that my offer had been completed, just a confirmation that my card # was wrong when apparently it was right. I'm on hold on their line and have been for the past 15 minutes... ?


01-08-2007 15:32:45

wow.. thanks for that info!


01-08-2007 17:46:24

I did it and had no crediting problems.


02-08-2007 00:46:20

I dont think youre supposed to ask whether an offer credits or not.


02-08-2007 07:54:27

[quote589ef645e1="kidd2108"]I dont think youre supposed to ask whether an offer credits or not.[/quote589ef645e1]

wait a second...greatest just wants to know if the offer is legit and they don't charge insane amount of money. 8)


02-08-2007 12:33:32

I also had that problem where it did not accept my CC and then charged me. I called my bank and they said it was probably just a temporary hold and it would fall off...I guess the company puts a hold on your card to see if it is a legit card or not when you are signing up, and then if it does not get accepted the hold will come off.


02-08-2007 13:16:21

Hey thanks Tarokako, sorry guys just wanted to know if the offer is legit.
My bad did not know if i can ask or not.


02-08-2007 13:49:18

It is ok to ask if an offer is legit or if a lot of people have had problems with it. What is not allowed is to talk about cancelling offers.