PS3 Question

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27-07-2007 21:05:08

Hey i just want to know what is stock update on 60g ps3.. i heard there is a Wii shortage.. i just want to know if i go for a ps3 i will get it after approval and all.. Just curious.

Thanks Guys


27-07-2007 21:17:08

Yea, I'm 90% I read somewhere that Trainn said that ps3's are not a limited supply anymore. So no wait. But I could be wrong.


27-07-2007 21:50:59

you will get it ASAP. As long as amazon has them available.


28-07-2007 00:01:08

Yup, just confirmed it.. BTW My Walmart is packed with ps3s. Maybe you want to go for the cash and buy it for yourself, if trainn doesnt have them


28-07-2007 14:01:33

Trainn has them.