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27-07-2007 19:26:29

Even Newer UPDATE The status finally changed. They have shipped the iPod 80GB. Thanks a lot. TRAINN Rocks.

UPDATE I have been approved on 07.29.07. I placed my order on the same day. Don't they ship on the Wednesdays and Saturdays? My order status is "Received." I am sorry about this. It is just that I am a little worried. It took 7 days for approval, and now I am just wondering and hoping it wont take that long to ship. Thanks for any help. And sorry for being so impatient.

I submitted my account for review on July 22, 2007. Today is July 27, 2007. There is no update. ( Can someone tell me how long it took for you guys. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am just curious. Thanks a lot.

EDIT Sorry about that. I meant one whole business week. ( Also I am going for the 80Gb Video iPod, I don't know if that makes a difference. Is it because they probably don't have it in stock? Thanks for the help.


27-07-2007 20:25:49

First off, 5 days does not equal a week. They only count business days. Usually they are within 2-4 business days for approval. Very very rarely they will go over. I am sure you will be approved soon, if not, contact support and they will help you (their support is great). TRAINN sites have been slow the last couple of days; perhaps they have been very busy. Also, yourps34free was down for part of today, so I would imagine they were working hard to get it back up and running, which may have caused some delay. Don't worry, you will be approved soon if everything is ok on your account.


28-07-2007 20:11:34

please help. ( it has been six days and it is about to be seven. is it because i went for the 80gb? i mean they do have them in stock, right? I am not trying to be ignorant or anything, it is just that I am worried. I opened a ticket yesterday, and I haven't gotten a reply in there. ( Can you help?


28-07-2007 21:11:43

you'll be approved monday. Weekends dont count for anything.

edit. My guess you didnt submit correctly or you are already approved.


28-07-2007 23:39:01

Did you read what I wrote?


29-07-2007 06:59:40

So sorry for being so impatient. They approved the account today, Sunday July 29, 2007. Thanks for your help. Thanks Trainn.