Slow site performance

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26-07-2007 17:07:38

Has anyone else noticed how long it takes to do anything on I just recently remembered my xbox account that I had left 5 refs on a year ago. Now, it takes 15-30 seconds for page loads when navigating the site.

Anyone else notice this? I didn't check any other trainn sites, but that one is awful.

But, ya know, still happy with ya trainn. Please send me my xbox (that I started 2 frikkin years ago!)



02-08-2007 12:31:25

It seems every one of their sites takes forever to load...It doesn't really bother me though because I love everything else about their sites.


02-08-2007 13:21:56

Too many users I bet. haha.


02-08-2007 22:00:43

Yea, its only slow during times that people are on, if you go on, on an odd time, it wont be like that.