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17-07-2007 14:00:55

Does anyone know the status of the shipment department of Trainn currently? I submitted my order on Sunday and I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. Any idea when I would be receiving my Ipod? Estimated shipping date is next Wednesday.


18-07-2007 21:23:03

trainn is awesome about delivery. they ship on saturdays and wednesdays. i believe they order from amazon.com, so it should be within a week of the date shipped. my 360 came about 3 days after they shipped it from amazon


18-07-2007 21:43:30

Yup, Amazon it is.


18-07-2007 23:23:17

So I am assuming if say I was choosing between going for a Platinum Wii Bundle with my 7 referrals and going for $250 with 5 of my 7 because of stock issues...I would be able to see if Trainn had the Wii in stock by looking at Amazon.com?


19-07-2007 18:14:17

Just because Amazon has them in stock at one time doesn't mean they will when Trainn orders yours.

If I were you, I'd take the cash and try to find one yourself.


19-07-2007 21:11:57

Well with 7 referrals i can get a wii bundle with 2 games...which is worth about $350-$400.

The cash prize is only $250, and it would cost extra $ to get the games.

So I would rather get the Wii bundle, but if its going to take over a month to get it, I'd just rather take the cash.