Question about being on Hold

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12-07-2007 19:13:00

Hey I'm pretty sure this has been answered in the past but I can't seem to find it using the search button. So here it goes If my nephew goes red (stupid newbie mistake) on one of trainn's site... will he go hold on other future or current trainn's site. I know Free4Me has this policy where if you're on hold on one site, you're on hold all the WHOLE network. I was wondering if this applies to Trainn as well.


12-07-2007 19:17:07

Generally speaking, yes. It applies on nearly all freebie networks. However I'll let Alan confirm.


12-07-2007 19:23:24

This is another one where it varies depending on the violation. Obvious things like being caught trying to defraud us or an advertiser will, but there are some things that will only result in the account in violation to be locked.



12-07-2007 19:32:36

Alright thanks Alan. I will contact Trainn via support ticket to explain my situation. Lock this thread plox


12-07-2007 19:33:10

Thanks for the clarification, Alan.

Locked per OP's request...