Length of time for Trainn processing? Can anyone tell me?

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10-07-2007 21:59:49

I just passed approval for my order on Youripodnano4free.com and it said it is usually processed and shipped out within 2 weeks. Does it really take that long? Also it didn't give me the option to choose paypal or a check, does it automatically just send it by paypal?


10-07-2007 22:05:18

Did you choose the correct prize? The $250 cash...

Paypal is shipped out Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. Physical gifts are usually sent within 2 weeks.


10-07-2007 22:21:23

I was told to specify that I wanted Paypal and to what paypal address in the special notes section below your name and address.


11-07-2007 00:19:53

Yep I chose the $250 cash and I did go back and put my Paypal E-Mail address in the notes. I didn't know if there was somewhere you had to specify it though if you wanted paypal but I got it figured out now. Thanks all.


11-07-2007 01:38:15

If you were approved and already put your order in then you should get paid today. They every Wednesday and Saturday.


11-07-2007 11:32:01

I'm still waiting on approval.


11-07-2007 13:56:32

Yep, I got paid for 360elite4free and 3604free this morning. Dvdrecorders4free didn't go through unfortunately (although it had been 5 days since I requested verification). Oddly enough, I was approved for it this morning so I guess they might have hit some quota for the Wednesday ship date.


11-07-2007 16:04:11

Ok all is good, I received my payment this morning. I didn't know what the payout dates were but I now know, thanks everyone.