Whats up with Overnight Genious?

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05-07-2007 09:38:24

Hello, maybe someone can help me who has done Overnight Genious before on the YourFreeIPhone Train site. I did this offer on Tuesday night, it said it credits same day so I was expecting to see it credit yesterday. Ok, didn't credit, figured maybe because of 4th of July things got delayed but it still hasn't credited yet today. Can anyone tell me if they've done this offer before and how long it took them to get credit?


05-07-2007 10:13:42

I would also like to know because I had someone complete the offer on 360elite last week and it still hasn't credited.


05-07-2007 22:04:11

I done overnight genius on money.123stuffforfree site. I completed the offer as I had done any other offer so I think I done all procedures correct. I cleared cookies and all. I completed the offer on 02-05-2007 and it should have been an instant offer. Next day still did not receive credit so I submitted a manual credit request. Received credit on 02-24-2007. It took me almost a month to get credit with a manual credit request and now some sites no longer do manual credit request so don't know what to tell you there. Hope you can submit for one.



06-07-2007 17:07:34

FYI - I did it on yourfreeflatscreens last week and it credited very quickly, within an hour I think. Still haven't gotten it in the mail though. I use Firefox for a web browser and have had no crediting issues ever since.


06-07-2007 22:21:47

I wish a support member of the TRAIN site would see this thread and comment.


08-07-2007 23:19:39

Yeah, I did Overnight Genius on a Gift Monster site and it credited fairly quickly...funny thing is I never got it in the mail and I called them to see and they said they did not have any record of my account...so idk whats up with that


08-07-2007 23:59:46

Strange. I never got a confirmation email and still haven't gotten it in the mail. Nobody ever answers the phone and I've left a message but nobody has returned it. At least I got credit, now let's hope for no credit card surprises!


09-07-2007 08:24:47

Yeah, lucky you guys. I've already received it in the mail but still no credit.


09-07-2007 09:48:12

Yeah ive done it before, probably way back in febuary, and it credited almost instantly.

Ive never had a problem with trainn and their crediting.


10-07-2007 11:55:27

Well, they have no record of me and no charges yet. But I still got credit, I'll take it but how strange??? Guess that helps make up for all the other offers I've done and paid for but never got manual credit for either.


11-07-2007 11:41:55

Well, I sent in a manual credit request yesterday, hopefully that goes through. TRAIN-Alan never did open my pm, guess he's just here for show and not here to help people.


11-07-2007 11:48:05

[quote9916a39e95="nomadant"]Well, I sent in a manual credit request yesterday, hopefully that goes through. TRAIN-Alan never did open my pm, guess he's just here for show and not here to help people.[/quote9916a39e95]

What an asinine statement to make. Here's what his sig says

[quote9916a39e95]Please do not use the board (via public post or pm) for important account specific inquiries as we may not be able to view each thread or PM and your request may go unanswered. Please use the methods we have made available on the sites and someone will assist you as soon as possible.[/quote9916a39e95]


11-07-2007 11:59:45

It's not asinine, it's the truth. He never did open my pm. Whether or not his signature says that (which by the way I didn't read) you would think if a support member from the TRAIN site is on this forum they would be able to assist you with your problems. At least thats what most of the other support members from various sites on here do. It's just logical.


11-07-2007 13:59:01

The sheer volume of users Trainn gets makes it neccessary for them to fully use the support methods they've implemented. Just use that route.