Privacy Matters: Phone Harassment Nightmare

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28-06-2007 08:13:28

Well, I would stay away from Privacy Matters. I think they sell their customer contact information to outside parties.

I got a call from a man (who was obviously in India) saying he was calling on behalf of Privacy Matters and all VISA card customers to offer them a great deal. He told me merchandise (gift certificates, etc) was on its way to my address, and when I receive it, I have 14 days to cancel or I will be charged $19.95. Trouble is, I never ordered this product.

They started asking for my date of birth to "verify" the transaction and my mothers maiden name. I did not give them that information and they said that if I didn't, I may be charged $19.95. After getting frustrated, I told them I did not order this, take me off the call list and I hung up.

Then the phone rang, it was them, but I let the machine answer it.

Then they called again...machine

They called again...machine

They called again, they were not going to stop..

I answered and asked for a supervisor, I told him please do not send me anything and I am not interested.

A day later, they called again. Again I told them to leave me alone and stop calling.

A word to wise, nothing is free....