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23-06-2007 06:18:54

I'm looking for a representative from I screwed up my email address when I first registered (I put on my email address) and didn't notice until i completed an offer. Realizing my mistake and knowing I wasn't going to get credit for an account thats email I had no access to, I created a new account with my correctl email address and completed 2 offers. I messaged the site explaining what happened and if they could if not give me credit for my first offer I did under the wrong email address at least delete the wrong email address account but have yet to receive a response. Yesterday I logged on hoping to hear back from the site and found my account was banned. I have emailed the site again looking for help and still haven't received any responses. I was told this forum was a good place to find help. I hope so!


23-06-2007 07:35:38

Their support (in my experience) typically responds in 2-3 days. So make sure you check back then.


23-06-2007 07:55:34

email= for a fast way of contact. The most I've had to wait for an answer that way was about 12 hours.

Also, the reason is probably because you had multiple accounts, and that you seemed to have completed the offers on your new account before you contacted them.

Good luck getting that hold removed.


23-06-2007 08:24:04

thanks for that email address. I feel like an idiot. Who screws up their email address!! thanks again


23-06-2007 22:41:39

You actually can change your email address on the account. It's what you should have done, and your email address really has nothing to do w/ you getting credit (unless you need a manual). From the sounds of it you probably got credit on the 1st account, and then the 2nd as well.

In the past Trainn has allowed multiple accounts if, and only if, you did not ever pursue one of them. That means if I signed up, but never did an offer or had anybody else do an offer underneath me I could sign up for a different account and that would be fine. I believe the problem you're having is that you did actually appear to pursue 2 accounts.