Same offer showing up twice

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01-06-2007 18:37:19

I was recently doing YourIpodNano4Free, and I was looking at the Level B offer Ultima Smile. I completed the offer which was more then 50 points, 54 if i remember correctly. Anyway, after completing the offer, the offer shows up twice on my progress page. Once as Level A and once as Level B.

Could I possibly get in trouble for doing the same offer twice? Even though I only did it once... shock


01-06-2007 19:01:25

If you only did it once, then you should be fine. You will want to contact them and ask about it just to make sure, though.


01-06-2007 20:06:52

the same exact thing happened to me at desktops for traiin site, these guys are awesome, just let um know what happened and they are fine

traiin is by far the best company


04-06-2007 13:32:39

This happened on the regular 360 site. Stamps showed up as both A and B. Then when I got a referral, the B disappeared.