I cannot remember if I have account, Trainn..

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31-05-2007 19:18:54

Hey Trainn,

I cannot remember if I have an account on your Wii, PS3 or 360 site. (Or any of them for that matter.)

Is there anyway I can email you my address and you can check to see if you still have it in your system? I got a new internet provider as well and do not wish to screw it up.

Thank you!


31-05-2007 20:35:48

In this case, I would probably suggest email=ing email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.orging email=contact@trainn.orgcontact@trainn.org/email, as they usually respond to emails a lot faster than they do here.


01-06-2007 08:28:53

You could try to log in with your old e-mail address. that will let you know if you have an account.