Here's a wierd one for ya.

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29-05-2007 01:41:53

I put in a support ticket about this but here's the deal. I signed up for Bargain Autos under Level A offers and received credit instantly. However, in my progress it tells me I still need 14 points. What??? Aren't level A offers all one credit for one offer?

Plus, the same offer is a level b offer of 36 points. I printed the screen for proof. I'm assuming this is an error on their part. Anyone else have this happen?


29-05-2007 01:45:38

I just logged into DVDRecorders, and Bargain Autos is not under the Level A offers.

Would you mind posting a link to the screenshot that you took?

EDIT Also logged into iPodNano4Free and 3604Free, and I don't see that offer as a level A offer.


29-05-2007 01:52:52

Um, I saved it in a Word Doc. I can email it to you since I'm not sure how to do what you just said.


29-05-2007 01:53:14

BTW it was the freevideoipod site


29-05-2007 02:18:28

Got an instant response from Trainn. It was accidentally on the wrong page when I did it. Even though it is supposed to be a Level B offer, they did the right thing and gave me credit since it was a Level A when I did it. Thanks!


29-05-2007 02:21:15

I'm glad you got it fixed and got credited for it, even though it technically was just placed wrong on their site )


01-06-2007 08:44:20

But Trainn could have done it no other way. Thats one of the reasons they are a top rated site.