Free credits?

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28-05-2007 13:55:40

Just wondering....does trainn offer free credits on any of their sites if you sign up unreferred? I've done one of their sites and virtually have run out of offers that I can do.....



28-05-2007 13:57:33

no they dont , i have never seen them doing that,


28-05-2007 14:09:34

so how does anyont manage to do their sites more than once?


28-05-2007 14:21:18

You sign up for them and do an offer or two (try to sign up for them all), then you can get refs. If you like one of the sites more than others, then you can repeat it, but you can only get a prize using refs one time. You are right, you can't repeat every Trainn site multiple times, but you can probably do 2-3 of them at least once more. Also, the offer selection sometimes changes, so new deals may open up. It is possible to repeat Trainn a select amount of times, but you aren't going to be able to get 17 PS3s from them. )


28-05-2007 18:16:38

I thought you could only do their sites twice, one with points and once with referrals.


28-05-2007 18:34:32

This may have changed, but I am pretty sure that you can repeat their sites multiple times when your accounts is points. You can only do each site using referrals once, though. I'll see if I can find the information to verify this, though.


28-05-2007 18:46:31

They have never done free offer credits and probably never will. I think it's a bad idea and seems like Alan agrees.


29-05-2007 19:35:14

[quote2cd8797dff="JennyWren"]I thought you could only do their sites twice, one with points and once with referrals.[/quote2cd8797dff]

I'm not sure about the points part, although I do believe you can keep doing it (I could be wrong).

However, when it comes to the referral can do each referral site ONCE. You're not restricted to only completing one referral site. You just can't complete the [i2cd8797dff]same[/i2cd8797dff] site again.