Every offer i click on takes me to a different offer!!!

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24-05-2007 21:23:41


Trying to go green on 360elite but when i click on the Zoeta it takes me to nutrisystem and clicking on the unbelievable wrinkle reducer it takes me to 30+ christians. Whats goin on?


24-05-2007 21:36:39

It's like i'm on some randomizer or something.


24-05-2007 21:42:58

Try clearing your cache and cookies and then refreshing the page before you click on an offer.


24-05-2007 21:45:55

I completely logged out. Cleared everything and logged back in and same thing.


24-05-2007 21:50:28

I was having an issue for the past day trying to do the Posters offer on YourFree360Games, it would take me to an RC helicopter page... Happened in both browsers before and after clearing everything. I opened a support ticket about it yesterday so hopefully it gets cleared up soon.


24-05-2007 22:18:18

ok, I just got a response from my support ticket saying that the PosterPass offer was supposed to expire at midnight today but unfortunately they pulled it a day early.


24-05-2007 23:21:54

That must be with a couple of them then. Seems like all the easier offers don't work but the OODs do.