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24-05-2007 06:35:34

I personally did Grant Mentor on Trainn 2 weeks ago. No Credit. No Confirmation Email. CC CHARGED. I called Customer service and requested a confirmation email. I was told that they would forward the request to the corporate office, but I would likely never get one.

Then the other day one of my refs also did Grant Mentor on Trainn, and the same exact story. No credit, No Email, CC Charged.

Now I'm sure that it has worked for people in the past, but It does not work now. I know how to go green, and I know that my cookies are in proper order. I cleared cookies, then watched as the new cookies were added after loging in, then clicking on the offer. After completing the offer, I left the confirmation page up, and walked away. I should have taken a screenshot of the conformation page, but hindsight is always 20/20. I also know that my ref did everything correct, as he is a regular ref of mine, and knows what he's doing.

Trainn should ditch this offer, as nobody is getting credit, which surely means that Trainn isn't getting paid either.

Has anyone recieved credit for this offer in tha least 2 weeks?


24-05-2007 13:19:53

I have the same problem going on right now.......

Did the Grant Mentor offer 3-4 weeks ago on 360Elite and no credit. I did get a conf. email, and headers sent in but nothing yet. Had a ref do that offer on yourfreevideoipods and NEVER received credit, I believe he is still waiting on an answer from a month and a half ago?


25-05-2007 07:03:15

Well, they don't even do confirmation emails anymore. Call me a conspiracy theoryist, but I firmly believe offers like Grant Mentor intentionally does this crap to avoid paying their referral fees. Trainn is losing money by wasting their resources on an advertiser that they will not get paid for. Not to mention they probably alienate a good number of potential long term customers, by offering these loser offers.

I've got one friend that I just cant win with. I bragged up the Freebie scene, showed him all my loot, and got him started doing refs for me. He does Stamps it takes 4 weeks to get credit. I convinced him that it was just a fluke, and he agrees to go again. So out of all offers, he does Grant Mentor!

His Quote "See, I told you this was just a scam to get my personal information and such"

The damage has been done. I'll never convince this guy otherwise.


30-05-2007 00:19:56

Yeah I had a few guys sign up for me with grant mentor and they never got credit... Two guy are still waiting... The other guys just did another offer and got credited instantly...

This makes me mad ( I really want my 360elite... but those last 2 wont credit...


30-05-2007 05:59:41

To Top it off, they do not answer their phone, or return phone calls. I am going to have to go to extreme measures in order to keep these losers from getting any of my money....


04-06-2007 08:18:16

Same with me. No credit for Grant Mentor. I called them to get a confirmation email, they said, "Sure!". No email. Then when I cancelled, I asked again for an email, they responded with "Sure!". No email. No manual credit.

Stupid riddler....(or is that a different one?) D


06-06-2007 11:24:35

Finally received my credit for Grant Mentor last week.......

Good luck guys - it took awhile but finally came through - hope it does the same for you!


14-06-2007 22:46:15

FYI - my ref just did it a couple of days ago and no credit. Not sure about a confirmation e-mail, but it's still having problems.


02-07-2007 09:50:43

How are you supposed to cancel if they dont answer their stupid phone! I did this offer and no credit of course and no confirmation email either. Now i cant cancel and their going to charge me $50 on a prepaid card that only has $40 dollars on it so theres another 30 dollar charge.


06-07-2007 15:40:34

Now I'm scared! I did it before reading this, and I'll be damned if they're gonna get my money.

I did it days ago and didn't get credit. evil


09-07-2007 12:52:27

[quoteca15ef3b55="AMoore913"]Now I'm scared! I did it before reading this, and I'll be damned if they're gonna get my money.

I did it days ago and didn't get credit. evil[/quoteca15ef3b55]

OMG me too. I did it for someones 360Elite site.