'get rich with google' broken *urgent*

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20-05-2007 11:17:22

It appears that the 'get rich with google' / gmoney offer isn't working as it should be... at least 3 of my referrals have reported that after you enter in your cc info and submit, it charges your card and takes you to a blank page, thus the postback is not completed to receive credit on the trainn site. Refreshing will just give you a double charge.

Anyone having the same issue? I know the offer was working a few weeks ago as I did it myself.


20-05-2007 17:00:49

Pretty sure some of my referrals on the site I half-own just did this, and it worked. Or maybe it was a different type of Google offer. Either way, that sucks (


20-05-2007 17:22:25

The offer sucks, why would you recommend your referrals do it?


20-05-2007 18:36:33

It's $1.87 and credits instantly. Why would you not want to do it? It worked perfectly when I did.


20-05-2007 22:16:14

I agree with you shakamd. My referrals too have the same problem, and it is a great offer that used to credit instantly =(