What happened to Video Professor?

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19-05-2007 12:30:22

I used to recommend my referrals doing these offers, and they used to credit almost faster than any other offer on TRAINN. I've had around 10+ referrals who did Video Professor on TRAINN and got credit within 10 mins. Recently, only one out my 3 referrals who did Video Professor got credit, [ie3b9d3ac09]the next day[/ie3b9d3ac09]. And the other 2 are still waiting...did something happen to Video Professor?


19-05-2007 17:17:03

probably because of that


19-05-2007 17:55:50

looks at watch and waits for the holier than thou, 'referrals are supposed to only sign up for offers they are truly interested in' response.



19-05-2007 18:26:06

who said they weren't interested?


19-05-2007 20:02:32

[quotea4780c9f69="Rewman"]who said they weren't interested?[/quotea4780c9f69]
True that...though it seems to most that the chances of 10+ refs for one person all to be interested in the same offer is very low, this is a little bit different because video professor IS actually a good offer...It taught my dad how to use windows haha.

And as far as crediting I noticed this too...it is more of a "Next Day" credit than an "Instant" credit offer.



20-05-2007 20:23:44

How could someone not be interested in Video Professor? Great offer that MOST people have an actual use for......lol!


21-05-2007 14:47:17

I'm still waiting on credit for Video Professor as are many others. I think there is a thread in the Help Discussion about this.