Two questions for the rep

Live forum:


16-05-2007 18:31:51

Do you guys have an AIM address to keep in contact with...


Am i able to sacrifice one of my referrals to count as my own offer completion like other sites?


16-05-2007 19:01:59

1. I don't think so. Only support ticket or Could be wrong, but I haven't found them on AIM if they work there.
2. No. You cannot switch a ref in place of your offer credits. (guess this is the second large network that doesn't allow it).


16-05-2007 19:07:23

aritey thanks... i thought so... they r more of a corporation than a privately owned site where they can bend rules a bit and make exceptions...


16-05-2007 19:12:15

Yeah. Like I said, I'm not sure about the AIM, but I don't think they like changing their game plan much, be it using another ref for an offer or paying out for an extra ref or the like.

Oh well, they are still a great company, and I love their sites )


16-05-2007 20:06:08

They really are a great company and i think they are awesome crediting wise.... probably the best around