Problem ... cannot order? order button grayed out..

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14-05-2007 18:47:33

I have my 12 ref's and am reay to order!

BUT I cannot order the order button is grayed out?
anybody have that come up? Waiting for support.....



14-05-2007 20:33:51

did you get approved for 12 refs? then you have a direct link to pick a prize and then just select it..


14-05-2007 20:58:15

If you have completed your requirements, and your 12 refs have completed theirs, then it should be there. You could always try doing what condra said, though, and trying to order through the prize page.

This is, of course, if you have already submitted for approval ... and passed it.


15-05-2007 05:29:52

AHHH got it...
I see it now there is a link that says "click here" to submit your order for approval!

I feel like DUH!