My Credit Card has been closed!

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13-05-2007 00:44:54

In the last few days I have signed up for a lot of free trials. Unfortunately my credit card company noticed all these little $1.00 authorization charges and decided to close my credit card. My credit card company is now sending out a new credit card and the old one will now longer accept new transactions. They did say that existing authorizations will still go through.

What will happen when some of my trials end? Will they still be able to charge based on the old authorization or will they get a decline and will I have to give them my new issued credit card number?

My worry is that when I decide to keep an offer past the trial date that the decline will be reported back to Trainn and the points will be revoked..

I will of course call these offers and give them my new credit card info, but my main question is, if I dont, can my points get revoked? Or is that impossible because I filled my obligation to try the offer??



13-05-2007 02:44:18

With most offers, once you get credit for them, it is unlikely that they will be revoked like that. However, there are some offers that specifically state that you must keep them for a given length of time (such as keeping a hosting site for 30 days), in which case failing to do that will revoke your credit.

Hope it gets sorted out for you.


13-05-2007 13:21:47

I had a friend who this happened too, also. He still got credit after the trials ended and such, and I would say he did probably 5 or so offers.

You should be fine, but I won't swear on it..


17-05-2007 18:48:15

You should always make sure each offer is either canceled or has the new card. Never depend on the card declining as a way to cancel a trial. It might not affect your referral status, but it could possibly lead to collection efforts.