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10-05-2007 19:10:44

yah why is it it doesnt show the precentage for my progress...has it always been like that or is there something wrong with my account...Alan any input would be awesome...me email= is email=ejd4unc11@yahoo.com..justejd4unc11@yahoo.com..just is email=ejd4unc11@yahoo.com..justejd4unc11@yahoo.com..just/email want to make sue evrything is good with my account


15-05-2007 19:17:56

Mines is also doing this...
It says I have 20% done when I SHOULD have 40 % done since I'm 4/10.


15-05-2007 20:06:17

i had 70% at 10/10 and then i did my offer an i got up to 100% ) submitted for approval 8)