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08-05-2007 09:15:11

I just submitted a paypal order last night for $250 and I'm excited to receive my cash. How long does paypal orders take to verify and send? I have only done cash orders on TRAINN so I'm used to that waiting time. Any difference?


08-05-2007 09:36:37

well, if you got approved, shipping is wed and sat D


08-05-2007 12:01:47

D how long does the approval process usually take?


08-05-2007 12:11:18

i got approved in 4 business days, but it can take up to 7, for a refs account


08-05-2007 15:52:45

Okay thanks for the help =)


08-05-2007 22:15:30

I submitted very late last Thursday (5/3) was approved Monday night (5/7) and should get paid tomorrow morning! 2-3 business days is all it took for approval......

Their approval times have definately sped up! Train is awesome!


09-05-2007 08:49:42

got approved in 4 business days and paypal was here this morning 8)


09-05-2007 17:10:04

I was wondering the same thing... I just submitted flashipods4free for approval last night.

Other sites I've done have paid 1-2 days after I've submitted for approval. I was hoping these would be the same. I guess the old adage "patience is a vertue" holds true here )