confirmation emails but no credit

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04-05-2007 12:04:03

I sent trainn an email. but just curious if this has happened to anyone else??

Your referral signs up, does their offer, then gets a confirmation email from trainn that the offer was completed, and they can start getting referrals of their own. is not showing as credited on their account or mine?? I have 2 in the last 2 days.

Just wondering if this is going on with anyone else. Don't mean to be a pain in the rear!


04-05-2007 12:05:00

hrmmm...I don't think i've ever seen that happen?


04-05-2007 12:23:21

maybe they have chosen the points account and they did an level B? i don't know...


04-05-2007 12:39:07

Well, I know one for sure did level A for refs not pts. Not sure about the other one, but I think he did level A as well. Don't think that should matter.
At any rate, you would think that if you got a confirmation email from the offer, and one from trainn saying you got the credit and to go ahead and get your own referrals, it would be credited right away.
Maybe just a glitch somewhere that needs to be looked into. I know most people love these sites and the support, and from what I have read they really keep up on things.
I have another ref on here, and hers showed up within a few minutes. And when I signed up, mine was almost instant too. Site must have hiccups or something! lol
I will just keep checking. Thanks for the input everyone.