360elite4free launched earlier

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01-05-2007 21:57:38

They have the xbox 360 elite in several bundles, plus a $480 paypal option for 10 refs! So far all the VETS that finished TraInn long ago, here is your chance to get started again. liliClears Throatli Feel free to PM if you want to sign up.


01-05-2007 22:27:25

http//www.360elite4free.com/ is the site and Traiin lists it as coming out today.

PM to earn $25 on green.


02-05-2007 00:34:27

Is there any chance of TRAINN putting some of these bundles on the regular 3604free site for those of us who haven't completed it yet?


02-05-2007 08:34:20

wut about ps3games and wiigames?


02-05-2007 08:43:06

[quote1c8be83f4a="shortys408"]wut about ps3games and wiigames?[/quote1c8be83f4a]

Wasn't released, I thought it would have been, but I guess they did the new 360 instead.


02-05-2007 17:51:29

Well that is because Xbox 360 is obviously better than Wii or PS3