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30-04-2007 07:00:57

What does this mean. I logged into my account today and it said that.


30-04-2007 08:12:43

It means you're processing...LOL

I believe you are approved.


30-04-2007 08:33:07

Damn Amazon needs to order some more GH II Bundles. I have been processing for over a week now. Basically it means you have been approved for your order and they are now in the process of getting it shipped. If you ordered PayPal that goes on out Wednesday and Saturday.


30-04-2007 09:04:00

Coolvaughn -

AHA! So THAT'S the problem! I ordered the same thing and have been "Processing" for over a week.

This is my second foray into freebie sites. My first was with FreePay (good lord, I'm still dealing with that one), and thanks to this board I found Trainn.

I was sitting here looking at my "Processing" status and seriously starting to wonder, "Is it ME? What the hell am I doing wrong on these sites?"

Thanks you your post, I feel a little better. Cheers.


30-04-2007 10:04:04

I'm waiting for the GHII also. They should order it from Circuit City, which has them in stock right now.


30-04-2007 13:04:46

count me as another one waiting for the GH II bundle. I wonder if Trainn actually considers going to another retailer for these when the items are out of stock at Amazon.


01-05-2007 13:52:05

Just wondering if Trainn has an idea of when they might have these? Alan?

EDIT nevermind. it has been shipped!